We celebrated Mr. M-mv’s forty-ninth birthday at the Sox v. Yankees game, yes, but also with a lovely dinner at Fat Willy’s and Henry V at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on the actual day.* Last month, we celebrated our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary with a long bike ride, many loads of post-vacation laundry, and a nice dinner. And the month prior, we celebrated my fiftieth birthday, quietly, in the peaceful aftermath of the remodeling project.

While many consider fifty a benchmark birthday, I’ve been describing myself as “nearly fifty” since I was, oh, forty-seven, so this birthday was no big deal. Fifty feels no different than forty-seven, really — apart from the fact that I am now much fitter and healthier than I was then.

No, the major milestone is that our home education journey is concluding. Since my last post, the Misses registered for the fall semester at the local college, Miss M-mv(i) as a freshman and Miss M-mv(ii) as a high senior earning college credit (dual enrollment). While there, they decided to take two summer classes, too, which has utterly upended our study plans for the summer, although we still plan to complete at least three of our family book club selections, as well as ornithology and physics (respectively).

The work that has colored and defined my days for seventeen years is concluding, however, and to me, that is more significant than a birthday that ends with a zero.

I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge how fiercely I will miss the family-centered learning project, but I haven’t any doubt that our days will continue to comprise one adventure after another. That’s just how we roll here in the tiny house on the prairie.

* As I’ve mentioned before, we pointedly keep Mr. M-mv’s photo off the site.


6 responses

  1. A major milestone indeed! I have been quietly following you for years and have loved seeing the girls turn into such well rounded and polished young women. Congrats to you and your husband for doing such a tremendous job. Can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to both of you. May the learning adventure continue even though the official schooling adventure is over.

  3. Belated but heartfelt happy wishes to you. And thanks for sharing the family learning project with all of us along the way. I wouldn’t have missed this journey for the world. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds in your next chapter!

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